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Java fails SSL Handshake and Build



I recently bought a SHA-2 SSL Certificate G2 and installed. Work without issue until our clients who use Java indicated that they were getting ssl handshake and build exceptions.


I have searched the web and found that older versions of Java can work if one installs a cross over certificate and in some cases an intermediate certificate.


I have installed the  gd_bundle-g2-g1; gdroot-g2_cross; gd_cross_intermediate and gd_intermediate. I first installed our SSL then these fixes outlined here.


First I started with gdroot-g2_cross. Did not work. Then added gd_cross_intermediate, still same result. Basically I have now installed all of them and we are not getting any results.


Is there a combination or a single install that will remedy the situation?


Any help please.




I did a complete new upload and it looks as if the SSL is bundled with the required certificates for the fix.


So I am at a loss as to why our clients Java applications fail when connecting to our webservice.


  • Go Daddy Class 2 Certification Authority: (SHA-1) – Hash 27 96 BA E6 3F 18 01 E2 77 26 1B A0 D7 77 70 02 8F 20 EE E4. 
  • Go Daddy Root Certificate Authority – G2: (SHA-2) – Hash 34 0B 28 80 F4 46 FC C0 4E 59 ED 33 F5 2B 3D 08 D6 24 29 64. 
  • Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority – G2: (SHA-2) – Hash 27 AC 93 69 FA F2 52 07 BB 26 27 CE FA CC BE 4E F9 C3 19 B8. 
  • Your SHA-2 Certificate