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How to test SSL cert on new IIS server before making site live?

I have a "Standard SSL Cert" running on an IIS server "A". I have a newer IIS server "B" with a copy of the website running on it. "B" will replace "A" once it's fully up and running. I've been testing "B" using a modified HOSTS file and ignoring the warnings from the browser about the site not being secure.


How do I install the SSL cert on "B" so I can properly test without security warnings, while still being 100% sure that "A" is still valid and not generating security warnings for customers? I saw one post that said the below, but am nervous since I can't find any support material from GoDaddy saying that this is a valid/legal way to use my SSL cert.

"export the certificate and the private key from your first server that you installed the SSL on and then import the SSL into the additional servers"