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How get automatic notification before expiration

Dear all,

is there a way to get notified (e.g. by email) x-days before an SSL certificate gets expired?


thanks lot.

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Hi @banto,


I am sure there are many, many technical ways to do this, and I am a deeply technical guy......... but,

why make life difficult? If you want some milk for your tea would you buy the full cow?

Just make a note in a calendar app and have it notify you.

Now that's probably too simple..................................!

@Retired many thanks! That's what infact we already have, a manual process and it failed. I was wondering if it can just be as simple as receive an email by setting a flag somewhere in Godaddy..

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Hi @banto,


Like a lot of guys here, we know the answers or can work it out, but seriously we would be stupid to spend hours doing so, as we don't get paid for it.

That is why we follow the KISS rule, and also where probably the very, very first geek acronym came into existence, well two actually the first polite one: RTM, and if that doesn't work, the much less polite RTFM. These acronyms are set in the foundation bedrock of the internet. From a very early realisation that folk kept annoying geeks (saves listing all by using that term, which is actually a badge of honour)

with lots of questions because they wanted instant answers and not bother with the docs.

I don't mind re reading immense documentation, or spending the next half hour finding stuff out..... RTM, but I want to be paid for my time.

So the rule KISS is #1