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GoDaddy cPanel "SSL Certificates" link broken

Trying to help a friend of mine add a SSL cert to his GoDaddy hosted web site. He has a year long SSL cert he paid for and I can see in his products list. He granted my account access and when I look around the GoDaddy hosted cPanel I see a link for "SSL Certificates" with a compass looking icon. Every time I press this link it takes me back to the entrance where it lists all the products (route "/products?accid=33".) 

He has a generated CERT but I was going to go through the process to create a new private key, generate a new CERT and upload it in the area I tried to access described above.


This seems like fully an issue with the GoDaddy cPanel because all of the other links in this area work. 


In general the whole logged in experience with the GoDaddy cPanel has felt unstable such that I end up getting a 404 and can't continue what I am doing. You would expect that even if there was some access issue pressing "SSL Certificates" link that it wouldn't just spit me out of cPanel back to the start ... that's pretty bad fellas. No way I'm waiting 60 minutes to tell support the site is broken then be asked if I logged in and and stuff haha. Fix!!