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Custom SSL Expiry



Our company has several SSL certificates. We'd like to see if we could co-term them so that they expire around the same time (in order to renew in one fell swoop). Is it possible to choose a different renewal term than the default ones offered?

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Hi @CBHelpdesk,


That is an interesting question but I'm not sure it would be possible. It would mean extending some payment dates (so giving credit), or shortening some others (owing credit). But you should speak with support for a 'best of' solution to this. 


I think that a possible solution would be first to calculate the sum of all your certs, set up a good-as-gold account where you could pay in that amount at say the beginning of the year. But you would still need to keep a check on your account to make sure you hadn't missed anything. One payment per year........... ouch! But easy to account for.

here is the link: