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BUG: GoDaddy website shopping cart is not cleared after singing out from the account

Browser: Firefox Quantum 59.0 (64-bit) (Up to date as of this writing)
OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit


Severity: Show Stopper


Steps to reproduce:-

1. Sign-in to account A

2. Add a domain to your shopping cart

3. Sign-out from account A and wait for 5 seconds

4. Sign-in to account B

5. Click [Checkout Now]

6. Complete the purchase


Expected result: User A's items should not be in user B's shopping cart. User A's shopping cart cache should be cleared from the browser upon clicking [Sign out].


Actual result: User B can complete the purchase of items user A intended to buy.


Impact: All users are under the natural assumption that their shopping cart is private and not visible to other users. User A logs in again and no longer sees the domain he intended to buy. User B already owns the domain user A intended to buy.