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Cannot connect to external MS SQL Server Database (IP Whitelist not working)



I am attempting to connect to an external MSSQL database using PHP on my Wordpress website. I am using Shared Plesk Windows hosting on GoDaddy with a set Dedicated IP.


The issue seems to be related to the external MSSQL firewall - I have provided my dedicated IP for the database to whitelist but it still doesn't allow a connection. I have asked the MSSQL company to temporarily drop the firewall and the connection is successful.


I have pinged my server and checked the IP using online tools and they both return the same IP so I am confident the IP is correct.


My question is - will be dedicated IP being using on my Shared Windows Plesk hosting be the 'true' external IP of the server? Or is it still some sort of proxy?


Thanks all, I look forward to your feedback.