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switch from economy hosting to gocentral, email hosting included?

I've had an account with GoDaddy for years, I have a domain with economy web hosting which includes email hosting. I'm considering switching to GoCentral so I can create a more modern website. If I switch to GoCentral:
a) will that cost me an Additional $9.99 per month on top of the $7.99 I pay for economy web hosting, or would it simply be a total of $9.99 per month?
b) is email hosting still included if I switch from economy hosting to GoCentral, or would there be any addtional charges to host my email accounts?
c) I have 4 or 5 months left on my economy hosting, would that be applied to the gocentral hosting, or would I lose that?


Hi @twelfthpaul


Thank you for your post. You may use the hosting to host your emails and build a new site on GoCentral. However, this does mean you would incur the cost of the GoCentral builder as well as the hosting account. 


Currently, if you opt for the paid plan and not the free trial you will receive business email from Office 365 for the first year free*. So if you only have one email you use this would probably be the best option to go with as your only cost would be the GoCentral designer for 1 year.


As far as refunds and credits,  that would have to e discussed with  our support teams to see what options may be available. 


Best Wishes!



*Promotional offers are subject to change