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problems receiving emails today 9-25-2017


Anyone having email issues receiving email this afternoon? Haven't had any for hours and tested it with gmail account. I can send from godaddy but not receive.

Thank you

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I can't send or receive any of my emails. I tried calling the 480.505.8877 for tech support but it goes to a fast busy signal. 

I'm having the same problem. Called Godaddy and initial message says they are aware of the problem and are working to fix it.

I didn't have problems monday or tuesday, but this is wednesday and I can't open messages. Hope they get it resolved soon!

Sending test e-mails to my godaddy address from gmail and they never show up. -- Anyone have any updates re: this? I called them yesterday and the customer service rep didn't mention this at all. 

Since 04:00 28 February 2017, I have been unable to reach to collect my POP3 email. Account is I have tried to access via both Plusnet and ThreeUK. Webmail is working correctly.

email is partially down

They posted a notice on Twitter 24 minutes ago, but no other place.




We're still actively working to resolve the issue affecting our Workspace Email accounts. Thank you for your continued patience.

That's stupid.  What about those of us who do not have twitter?

Then you should try Twitter.  It's really a good place to see if others are having issues like you are.

For what I pay for this service, it just cost me 3 times that with not having emails, which is how I get my orders..... they should have an automated message being dialed out to customers...

Finally got a chat box.  Filled in my info and got this 'You are number 201 in queue'

I was 741, waited over an hour, got kicked off. Now it's busy again.

This original question was asked back in January and several times after.  How many times does this happen?

Email's been down since about 9:45 this morning.  Not happy, Go Daddy.  Can't send and can't receive.  I heard someone got the sales pitch to change over to Office 365.  The site status says "We are working diligently to resolve known issues."  regarding Email & Office today.

Same here.  No email in or out.  Not webmail, not outlook.  But my gmail is working....hmmm

got an email from GODADDY at 12:52PM trying to sell me their new product which they are way too involved with ALL HANDS ON DECK fix the mess 



I am hereby canceling my subscription with this **bleep** company! I have tried every **bleep**ing email client and this **bleep**ing **bleep** company just can't get sending a **bleep**ing email to work. Apple mail, Gmail, kero, Android, NOTHING **bleep**ING WORKS! Laptop, desktop tablet, phone... Nothing **bleep**ING WORKS! I Officially HATE you godaddy. I will be moving my services elsewhere. Getting my email is perfect, but not be able to send any is **bleep**ed up!
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Hi @Sh3llz973,


Really sorry to hear of your frustration at not being able to send emails, but if you could give me your domain name and allow me to run a few basic checks, at least we may be able to whittle down what the problem is?

All I should need is your registered domain name. Thank you!

It always limits you to 250 per day, which is fine unless you are trying to send to a large group, and need to correspond with them several times in the next day or two.  OR if you account is hacked and someone else sent your limit for you.  Would be nice to have a reset on this one.  I have had some of your same frustration with certain clients as well.  Gets old when you need to get a lot done over a weekend. 

My emails are often delayed and sometime don't get delivered at all.


I've check the path of the one's that get through and they are being held up on GoDaddy servers - often for 80mins plus.  Incoming emails are fine.


I'm guessing the ones that never make it at all are held up indefinitely at this point too.


Is there any solution?  What is causing this?


Andy Dawson