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email not sending to Yahoo

Hello everyone, I need help.

My domain does not send emails to Yahoo, but it does receive them.

I added the records dmarc, spf, mx to my dns zone.

Run the diagnostic with the mxtoolbox tool and show me the following warnings.

Can someone help me with this problem? Thanks.






Hi @jjmoralesgt

Thanks for posting within our forums. If you can post more details so our community members can chime in and help that would be great. What is the domain name of the affected email address? What error do you receive when trying to send? Are you using webmail or an email client?

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I have the same problem since 2017 but still can't find solution.. seems that yahoo is blocking email addresses from a godaddy server... my website is and I created and if I send email to they won't receive it but it will be shown in my sent items.. how many times I sent the email but even single email they didn't receive it. I tried to many email addresses but the addresses looks good (they were able to receive it) but on it wont. 

Are you sending it specifically to one account?  Or is this happening to all yahoo accounts that you send an email to?

I just tried mine and it works fine. I use Outlook on my desktop for I bought the license for it before transferring my web email to O365. 

If it is just occurring for just one email account it could be that the receivers account has an issue or was hacked and hacker changed the persons email account without their knowledge or they could have blocked your domain name by mistake.

Or their could have been an issue with yahoo's servers and out of your control.