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email is not coming to godaddy server( from specific email

Please anyone help me on this issue. A person sent me a Mail from to, and My gmail. 

Only Gmail is received. is not received that email.

Others Emails are coming Except ""


Please help me on this




Hi, I have exactly the same issue. Luckily my clients told me he sent emails to me but I never got them. it is from email. I chatted with godaddy help but they do not know how to fix it. they said check with the other email server, which I already did.


Any one else has the same issue? you will be missing some specific emails, and it does not even give any error message to the sender. that is not reliable.




I have the same thing going on. When I send to, I should get the message, but I don't. is my domain managed by GoDaddy. I have set up as a forwarding email account that forwards messages to a bunch of people - one of which is me. It's very frustrating that no one seems to know how to trace email messages and see where they get lost. I have spelled out all of the gory details, including dates and times, for anyone at GoDaddy to see:

 i'm having the same issue with my email, i can't receive emails from gmail accounts, but i can send emails from my web-mail, i talked to the chat support several times but they tell me to contact web-hosting support but i can't reach them the chat of the web-hosting support department seems to be offline all the times, i don't know what to do, anyone have an idea what's causing this?