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Wordpress with SMTP using GoDaddy hosting

I've had auto e-mails sent from my site when someone submits a form. I've used a WordPress SMTP plug-in to send the messages through a legitimate address so those messages don't get marked as spam. However, my WP plug-ins no longer work. I used to  use WP Mail SMTP. I got an alert that my version of PHP is out of date.  I've now been trying Easy WP SMTP but I get a PHP error when I try to send a test message.


Any suggestions? Does anyone know of a plugin that works with GoDaddy hosting as well an Outlook account through GoDaddy?


Does anyone know of a reliable WP plug-in I can use? I've been using as the server name when configuring my plug-in.


I've updated the version of PHP that my site is running using Cpanel. I just need to get a SMTP WP plug-in that works with an Office 365 account through GoDaddy.