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Webmail to iMac suddenly stopped working

I have been using Webmail via Godaddy and receiving on my iMac or other machine since 2011, and recently it has stopped working.  I get the message on my iMac email to enter the password and then it tells me it can not log in.  I just logged into webmail via the internet and the pw is still the same as it has been for 5 years.  I have no idea how to fix this so any advice would be greatly appreciated.  


Hey @ArizonaPita


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Were you still having trouble with your email? This might have been related to a brief alert we were encountering on one of our email servers yesterday that should have been fixed by now. 


If you're still having trouble logging into through webmail, please reach out to our live support so they can help investigate into what is happening to cause this. 


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