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Using godaddy account address as a return address in

Hello everyone - I'm new here and not very tech savvy


I have a forwarding email address through godaddy and it's being received in my gmail account.   My problem is setting up my gmail account to respond to these emails using the godaddy address it was originally forwarded it to.


They are saying to set it up through the  and a Port #25 (unsecured connection), 465 (SSL) or 587 (TLS)


They are asking for username and password.    I have entered the username of my godaddy account with password.   The username of the forwarding address with password.   And it keeps showing as not correct.


Can anyone help me to figure out what port, username and password they are looking for?


Thanks SO much for any help you can give me.



Resolver II


Very detailed explanation of your issue! I love it!

Simple explanation: You cannot send anything from a forwarding address.

Everything Explained
Gmail is asking for the SMTP port and all those other settings because it thinks you want to add another actual email inbox (address that can send and receive on its own compared to a forwarding address that can only receive) into the Gmail interface.
If you created another email (not forwarding) you could add that to your Gmail and send/receive.

If you do want to create an actual email inbox and add that to Gmail...

You'd need a few things:
1- Workspace Username and Password