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SSL sertificate on my email domain?

Hi all, 


I'll appreciate if you can help me with this one.

I'm trying to access my mail on GoDaddy trough Outlook/Android app.

Immediately after I type my mail and press "next" - the app reports "An error occur" and nothing more.

I have contacted the support and they wrote me the following suggestion:




Hi Julian,

Thanks for replying back and it seems you have to check this account with your email service provider/IT department about this.

Based on the test results having no SSL certificate installed to your email's domain name will give you this error message.

That is a mandatory requirement for the Outlook app to send/receive messages to your email's mail server on a secure port or SSL port.

Another thing to confirm back with them if this mobile device is authorized to access this account outside your school/office network.

This is a common practice on some office/school email accounts to register devices so that they can protect your email's mail server from third-party interference especially virus attacks or security breaches.

Let me know what they say about your account and tell me how they tested this account in the Outlook app after checking the connectivity test results you've shared with me. Hope to get a response back soon.




In short - what shall I do? I shall manage my SSL certificates on my hosting or what?

I don't want to change my provider, but if that's a game changer - then I'll do it.


I will be glad, if you can assist me to resolve this issue.


Thank you in advance!



Community Manager

Hi @Bro. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! That seems like an unusual situation. I'm guessing you have an Office 365 email address. You wouldn't need an SSL Certificate on your domain to facilitate connecting that kind of address to the Outlook for Android mobile app. I was able to add a test Office 365 account for a domain with no SSL Certificate and had no issues. You may want to double check to make sure you're taking the right steps. This article has a good walkthrough. If you're still having this issue after that, I'd recommend getting in touch with our Productivity department specifically. They would be the specialists at dealing with these types of issues. 


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