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SSL error: unable to verify the first certificate

Hi all,


I am getting a problem when trying to setup my e-mail account with GMAIL. I have my SSL Cert installed, I get all green ticks on but when I try to setup e-mail importing in gmail, I get an error saying "SSL error: unable to verify the first certificate". I've seen similar topic in here and the issue was related to PA Servers but my Data Centre seems to be in Europe. I tried the chat yesterday but didn't get much help as I was told it was an issue with Google.


Any advice? 



Hey @ArturL


Welcome to the Community! Smiley Happy


I recommend reaching out to our live support once more if you're still encountering this error. Our email teams would need to take a closer look at the servers associated with your specific email address to be sure the SSL certificates installed are currently up to date.  


If that has been already been confirmed on our side and this is still occurring, then you'll need to reach out to Google for further assistance as to why this is occurring. In the meantime, If any other member has encountered something similar I hope they will take a moment to share some insights that could also help out with this. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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