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Please help I cannot send email from either of my iPhones!

I decided to start a new topic because I noticed most of these topics are dated in 2016.
So here goes...

I have an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 7+
Both of my phones are with the AT&T carrier My iPhone 7+ is with an AT&T Business account my iPhone 7 is with an AT&T carrier personal account.
however I don't think that matters because my iPad Pro also does not send emails from my business account with GoDaddy as my iPad Pro is on an account with Verizon.
I have an email I set up with Go Daddy to match my domain name. I followed the instructions years ago to set my business email up on my phone and it was fine I was able to send and receive mail from my business account on my iPhone.
Not too long ago it stopped working I can receive emails from my clientele However unfortunately, I am on able whatsoever, to send anything from my Go Daddy business email account in reply to my clients.
If this issue has been fixed please someone give me a solution to help me out because I cannot do without sending emails from my phone!! If this issue has not been fixed well I certainly hope Go Daddy is currently working diligently on fixing it. I would certainly be very disappointed if I had to switch from Go Daddy to someone else as am a big fan of Go Daddy

Thank you kindly

Exact same issue here. Tried every combination of ports, ssl on/off, and username/password filled in or not. Nothing works, cannot send email from my iPhone 7. Have found nothing out there that resolves the issue. This started a few months ago with my iPhone 6 but don't remember when, with update or other.

I have the same issue and I have tried to remedy this with GoDaddy support and still cannot send emails from my iPhone. Has anyone figured out how to correct this?