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Need to Send 1000's of Emails - Is There A Hosting Solution


I have a website that will have the need to send 1000's (unlimited) numbers of emails in the form of announcements from a subscribed user to their subscribed users.  Currently, I am on a Business Host account and am limited to 500 emails per day. I currently send these emails via PHP mail() and SMTP and thus hit my daily limits.

Additionally, the FROM email addresses are NOT my email address. The sending email address can be any subscribed user's email address (not from any domain I control). Does VPS allow for unlimited emails from non-hosted email addresses?  Is there any other solution available in addition to or instead of VPS?

Thanks in advance.

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Personally I would suggest to use something like Amazon SES ($0.10/1000 emails sent)


What you would need to do is configure your "FROM" to be a generic email address like "" - which is what is authenticated with Amazon for sending


Then set your reply to address to be the person sending it. 


Be prepared to provide some documentation / explanation of your usage to amazon and confirming that these are opt-in users.


Additionally just be aware that amazon will shut down / suspend the account if you get a high volume of bounces or spam flags

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