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Iphone & Email Syncing Issues IMAP

I just switched to IMAP email. Is it possible to receive the same email on my computer and phone? Right now I am getting everything on my iPhone, but I want a copy at home, too. Thank you.


Good Morning!!


You can definitely set up your email on both your phone and computer! Here are some directions that might be helpful:


For When It Asks For The Server Settings Enter the Following:


Field                            Enter                                                                                  

Username                                Your full email address
PasswordYour email account's password
Incoming Mail Server*
Outgoing Mail Server*
Incoming Port*with SSL enabled-993   OR   without SSL- 143
Outgoing Port*with SSL enabled-465   OR   without SSL-80 or 25 or 3535



*Mail Servers are sometimes called Host Names

*SSL is sometimes labeled as "encrypted connection". It will ask you if you want to enable/allow it OR if you want to disable it/select 'none'. (usually its a check mark box, but sometimes it's a drop down menu)

*Some devices may tell you that the username is automatically filled in, please don't leave it blank

*On most Apple devices the outgoing server's username and password is labeled as "optional", it's not. Please fill it in properly


If you would like to watch a video on how to set up Workspace Email Accounts on Phones or Computers here are some links with details and instructional videos:



If you have any more questions or concerns give us a call at (480) 505-8877 and one of our awesome technical support agents will happily help you set up your emails

Thank you for the info.


I have email set up on the iPhone and my Mac with Microsoft Outlook. Is there a way I can get the email to show up in both places. When I get an email on my phone, it doesn't show up in my Outlook mailbox even if I don't delete it off of the phone. I thought there was a setting to leave email on the server until deleted, and be able to access it off of either machine.

Hello @PeterO!


Thank you for your reply! Make sure that you have the address setup using IMAP settings on all the devices and email clients you're using. If your phone is setup with POP settings it would cause what you're seeing.


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I checked both and they are set as IMAP accounts. I still only get my email on the phone and not on my home computer. Thank you.

Any more suggestions? This is annoying that it's not working. It was an expensive upgrade, I would hope this could get resolved.

None of what I have read on this site has helped me get my email to come up on my iPad.  I have read all information.  Time for a call.  Thanks kc6


I recently downloaded the Outlook app for my iPhone. I have tried everything to set up my GoDaddy email on it using the Imap settings found on the GoDaddy site. Can someone give me the correct setting that should be used or tell me if the email will not work with the Outlook App? I can't be the only person using or trying to use this app.