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I am a developer trying to send email updates to our customers - Godaddy relay stopped working

Past several days the code I wrote worked well. It was PHP code hosted by Godaddy and scheduled to run hourly using the Cron job setup feature of my hosting account offered by GoDaddy.


We get error:

Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to (Connection refused) in /home/rahulec/public_html/emailtest.php on line 26
Mail not sent.


Try :


Why did this stop? I called GoDaddy but the online guy, though very helpful, was not able to satisfactorily tell me what caused this to stop.

GoDaddy is blocking my access to relay email?


relay server used:

port: 25

No authentication since code and domain managed by GoDaddy.

Note: Our cpanel emails are working fine. Just the emails sent by system through their relay server stopped working.


Any pointers?

Helper IV

Can you authenticate to your SMTP relay? It's possible that to avoid outbound spam GoDaddy removed the ability to programmatically send, but if you authenticate using a mailbox at GoDaddy you may be able to send that way.

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Nope... GoDaddy just confirmed that they turned off the ability to do this...

Getting Started

Getting Started

Wow this is she was a lot bigger than I thought I hope it gets fixed because I cannot send business emails either and sending them from my iCloud account is not professional Go Daddy has to find a way to fix this it's their Job to do so and I hope they do it because I'm definitely a Go Daddy fan I love the way they treat their customers this issue definitely need to be addressed and without a doubt fixed because I can receive emails from my business account on my iPhone 7+ and 7 but I cannot send them at all

Same issue I am facing with Godaddy and no one from customer support to help as every time a new executive on tele calling and different solution provided, unfortunately, not a single solution is workable.moreover, how the running system setting changed automatically, I do not understand.