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How do I set up email forwarding?

I have purchased domains from GoDaddy forever.  Previously, after I purchased the domains I was easily able to set up email forwarding so that I could direct emails to the correct people at my company.

Everyone already has email...I just need to turn on forwarding.  Usually it would say something like "email forwarding 100 pack" or something.  Where is that, or how do I turn it on?  All my other domains I can log in and manage the email forwarding.

To clarify...I don't want to pay for more email hosting.  I have all the email I need (already through GoDaddy).  I just need to forward things like "" to ""


You can setup the forwarding by going into the workspace control center. Here is the info on how to access the setup for forwarding.


Assuming you are using workspace email you really have 3 options though. 


1. You can setup the email forwarding by using the forwarding credits


2. Setup the CC option to have all messages sent to a specific email to be also copied to second email address. 


3. Setup a Catchall which can be which would always get messages from any email account with the extension.

Mike L. | WebPro