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Helper IV

How To Setup Business Email Address.

Hello, Guys,

I have created a video walkthrough of GoDaddy Business Email. 
GoDaddy has simplified the process of Business Email. I like this approach. It'll help small business owners and local business owners. 




If you find above video is helpful, Give me a kudos!.

Thank you.

Manoj Kumar


is there a way to have secure email?


I am shocked that Godaddy does Not give a free email id with a new domain name. Every other domain name issuer in the market gives at least one or two free ids if not more. They also do not disclose this at the time of purchasing the domain name.

They are cheating the gullible customers and should be taken to task for this.

If they are unable to match the industry norms and terms, and their competition, then they have NO RIGHT to stay in business and should SHUT DOWN and GO HOME.

Yeah you re right broo, i was purchasing domains and have free emails with them, but now they r charging us for that its not professional at all

Fully agree with the other two posters.  GoDaddy don't tell you they are going to charge more for IMAP email until after you buy the domain through them.  Good domain hosters don't try to screw more money from customers that way.  I will be removing my 100 or so domains from their greedy clutches. They are an embarrassment that I no longer wish to be associated with.


I'm not that good at this setting up I need help please and thanks

Hi @dastepp63,


Welcome to the Community! 

If you need help walking through the steps for email set-up, please contact our support team at the number most convenient to you in the link below. They'll be happy to help with creating the email address and verifying your DNS on the domain. 



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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