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Four Days Without Email after the switch to Office365

I have always liked working with GoDaddy when an issue has arisen.  However, the fiasco of moving from Workshare email to Office365 has been nothing less than a FAILURE.


It is now FOUR DAYS since I have been able to access my email.   FOUR DAYS.

Each time one of the customer service techs helps, they tell me it will be 30 minutes or 24 hours until I get my email again and it is now FOUR DAYS!


This is not about getting email recipes - this is about running my business, getting medical information from doctors about my elderly parents, this is about CRITICAL things. 


I am INCREDIBLY disappointed with the response, the dishonesty and their process of waiting 24 hours each time they do something to see if it works.  So far, FOUR DAYS of this is not solving it.   I have been nice, even telling the techs with whom I am speaking that I know it is not their fault.  I am in tech and I know things happen - but FOUR DAYS???????  Nope, My business would shut down if I had issues like this.


If the issue does not get resolved within 24 hours, I will be left with no choice but to cancel my service.  I cannot run a business without email.  They can't even forward my email to another email account.

This is an epic fail, and while everyone is nice, they are not getting it resolved in a reasonable manner.

Super User I

Hello @FrancineSF and welcome to the community. I'm a GoDaddy customer like yourself. 


I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been giving the attention you need for your business. Could you share some information with the community so we can try to help resolve your issues:


  • What email service you have?
  • What web hosting service you have?
  • What is your domain name?
  • Is the issue sending/receiving email via Outlook client and/or web portal?

Those few items should help us out and possibly help resolve your issue.

Very Respectfully,

Drew Davis
Navy Veteran and Entrepreneur | GoDaddy Pro user | "Proud to be serving others!"

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