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Emails and Exchange

So I see 4 options when I look at email products.  Email Essentials, Online Essentials, Business Premium and Premium Security.  I've had a basic email account with GoDaddy before, but whenever my phone checked email, it just downloaded and deleted it from the server.  There wasn't a true syncing of emails between device and hosted account.


So my question is, which of these accounts are true sync? Are they all Office 365 based now?  I just need a simple email address, no need for Office.  But I want an account that actively syncs mobile device email inbox with the one on the server.  So if my phone takes a leap off a tall building, I just get a new phone, setup the account, and sync and I'm back in business.  If someone could clear that up, that'd be great.  Thanks!


Hello @igendreau!


Thank you for posting. It sounds like you may have had just a POP account previously that was setup to delete the messages from the server after download. The email plans on our site now are Office 365 and all sync. 


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