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Email office 365 password issue

So one of our shareholders had the company email on his phone. We had an issue with him and needed to remove the email from his phone. I changed the password and as per the GoDaddy agent i talked to he would be removed within 24 hours.

It was 3 weeks and today he was sending emails from the company account. I had changed the password to a completely different and unrelated password and he would not have been able to have guessed it. The only explanation is that using his iphone email client he was still able to use the email

I changed the password again and turned off mobile access for the email. However I notice my outlook app on my PC is still able to retrieve and send emails.

How do I reach go daddy complaint department for compensation regarding this issue? And why am I able to still retrieve and send emails after changing the password for the account?

Thanks all for your help

Resolver II


Password resets can take time and even go over the 24 hour mark (depending on the phone). Exchange uses Active Sync to listen for emails and if the person keeps the account it can stay active for awhile until it needs to reauthenticate (usually 24 hours)
You do need to delete the phone, disable Active Sync and Online Web Access.
Best Option!
If you never had those policies or you don't know how to change things... Delete the email account all together! You won't lose the credit for it and can just recreate another one.

Stay secure!