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Email client cant connect to server...

Hosting a site for a buddy of mine, his domain was purchased with godaddy, my hosting is on my account on godaddy. To get the site hosted I changed the @record to 160. Something and that works fine for the website. I have create an email for him but it will not connect with Outlook or Android device, tried auto disc and manual. All of my emails still work fine.
When I run the email test on outlook it immediately fails, it doesn't wait a few mins like it's trying to find something it's immediate. Any suggestions?

Hey @Trevor100,


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What exactly is the error message being generated when you're trying to test the connection that is immediately failing? A few more details describing the specific errors encountered would help other members suggest a work around. 


You might also benefit from reaching out to our live support as they can review the email account directly to see what's causing the connection to fail.


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