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Email Forwarding-Domain registered but no mailbox on Godaddy. How to set up SMTP servers to send ?


I have many domains with Godaddy as registrar.    

Lately, my iNet services will not send mail with alternate emails as return address (spam prevention...)

ie  internet service with but I dont use an email so they wont send emails ....

I have a number of email addresses that I use as the reply-to :

steve @ 

steve @  ... etc etc ... 

where each of those domains is registered with godaddy.


How do I set up the SMTP in Macintosch Mail program to allow sending the emails?   

The MX records appear to be correct and are only for forwarding emails with each domain.  ie they send to a mailbox at 

Do I need a different outgoing server for SMTP for each email return address in an email ?

Thank you for assisting !

Cheers to All ...

Steve D.


Hello Godaddy .... BUMP .... Any assistance on this one ?

Thank you