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Editing Webmail Spell Checking List of Words

I accidentally added a word to the spell checker that I want to remove.  It is a misspelled word.  If I misspell it that way again, the spell checker will not alert me to it.  How can this word be deleted from the list of acceptable words?


Thank you for your help.


Jim Adrian


Hey @jamesadrian,


This likely depends on which Spell Check tools you have specified for use within your composing settings. If you're using the spell checking tools utilized via the browser, then the list of correct spellings would be managed through browser tools.


If it's the spell checking tool provided as part of the Workspace interface, there's no direct method of removing the word from your end. I'd recommend reaching out to our live support to have this reviewed further as an escalation might be necessary to locate and remove word from the dictionary in the account. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at



Thank you for this information.


I changed the setting to the Firefox spell checker in the hope of finding a way to see the list of added words but I could not find anything like that.  is there something else I can do?


Thank you for your help.


Jim Adrian