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Create an Email Signature in Workspace Email

Hi Everybody

Firstly I'm a complete novice. 

I really want to have an email signature with link to my website, facebook, twitter and Instagram. One that will show up on all emails that I send even if I'm using my mobile phone, webmail or outlook. I've searched but there doesn't appear to be an idiot guide (which I need). Any help greatly appreciated. 



Super User I

@Derek5176, most email apps can handle signatures, but we need to know what email system you are using, before we can give you specific advice. Also, each device is different (so setting it up on web-hosted email will be different from Outlook on your computer, will be different from your iPhone

Are you using Office 365 or the web-based email that comes with cPanel hosting packages? Or something else?


I am using the web email. I am not finding how to place my signature on each email either. Can you help me set that up?

But I dont see LINKEDIN is available?

I'm using office 365. Can you tell me how to set up an email signature?

Thank you,


Can someone advise the quickest way to set up a email signature using a mobile device for offIce 365 email...