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Certificate Issue

I have Thunderbird for my mail client. It is installed on two laptops and one desktop. All are running Win 10. The desktop throws up a message that the certificate is invalid. I believe all three machines are configured exactly the same, only the desktop gives me this error. It does not recognize the certificate for and has the SMTP port number. All three are configured as POP accounts. I'd checked the block to accept excluding of this certificate issue to no avail.


Anyone have any ideas? I'm not in front of that computer at the moment and unable to give the exact error. If that is needed, let me know. Its quite frustrating that every time it tries to send out the message, I end up with this error. It does appear that the message does go out but it's a PITA as it will do this for each outgoing I have a stack of error notices....


Suggestions are appreciated.

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Good day, @k4shf!


Could you please send us the screenshot so we can see what the error is?

Very Respectfully,

Drew Davis
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Will do that later today.....