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Can't use e-mail client

I have used GoDaddy e-mail service for years using e-mail clients Windows Live Mail and Windows 10 Mail. Recently, GoDaddy required that I change my password, and said they were blocking access with my e-mail clients until I did. I changed the password, and changed the password in the clients, but the clients still can't access GoDaddy e-mail. I tried GoDaddy phone support but they couldn't help. I can still use GoDaddy mail with a web browser, but this is inconvenient.

Oddly, my wife, who has the same domain name for her GoDaddy e-mail, was not asked to change her password, and still uses Windows Live Mail for her GoDaddy e-mail.

Can anyone help me with this?


Hey @Weird_Harold


You may be leaving out a few details for other members to offer a suggestion on how to correct this. Let start with a few basics. 


First you mentioned that only the email client is having trouble accessing, but not via the webmail interface. Which email client was this? Is there a specific error message coming up when you attempt to connect? Have you tried accessing the affected address from any other email client or device?


So far the current info points to an issue with the client itself. If other email clients or devices are able to connect you may just need to remove the profile (as it may be corrupted) and try re-adding it to the client. This usually fixes it. If not, then we'll need more details for offering another suggestion. 


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