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421 SMTP connection broken


I use a third-party ERP application for sending invoices by e-mail, and it works just fine.

Now I am testing an updated version of this application, and with the new version I get an error "421 SMTP connection broken" each time I am trying to send an e-mail.

I access on port 25, no SSL, with additional authentication. I've tried ports 80 and 3535 but with no success.

The current and the new versions of the software run on the same machine, everything is the same. It seems I must blame the software, but it works fine with other smtp servers I have tried, yahoo, for example. And the software is a solid ERP system (1C).

I am at a loss what to do. Can the ERP software get greylisted on GoDaddy's side?

Thanks in advance for help.


Hi, I got a similar error in one custom application that send some automatic emails. This application uses the email relay service that provides  godaddy to the hosting customers, it throws the following error: "The transport failed to connect to the server"


This error has been thrown since this morning. Any body knows if email relay service has a trouble? 


Depending on the type of hosting account you are using that will dictate the relay server address you will want to configure your application to use, here are the list of examples.



Mike L. | WebPro

I am not getting that particular but email in and out is very very sporadic.

I don't think my problem has something to do with relay, I am just sending e-mails from my office to customers, around 50 per day, using Outlook or ERP. Using ERP instead of Outlook for sending invoices is just more convenient.

But the new ERP application I cannot setup for GoDaddy. I permanently get 421 smtp error (the same settings, the same PC). With other email servers, not GoDaddy, it works fine.