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www and HTTPS on blogger

I have a blog on blogger and turned on SSL certificate But I have noticed that the domain works only with https://www like this :
But it does not work without www :

Can you please help me to fix it

This is the exact problem am facing right now and godday seem not to understand the problem and give their customers a right answer and how to fix it. My website does exactly the same thing as yours, it opens with but does not open with please don't forget to post how you solved the problem when you do. Thanks


Did you find a solution for this problem it looks like your blog works properly ?
Can you share us how did you fix it please!

Hi @husseinjbara 


Take a look at these instructions from the Blogger side of things. Be sure you have completed everything with Blogger, in step 3, with attention to number 8. This will allow Blogger to redirect the domain. Also be sure you have created the "www" CName at GoDaddy. The host name for the "www" CName record should be "" (no quotes on either).




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