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DNS Only (Hosting) costs and 30days message

I added a dns only zone record and using it perfectly. I haven't been charged anything..

My question is, how much is it?

Question 2: i received this after adding new DNS only hosting - "Zones not associated with a product will be deleted after 30 days"

if it's free but the domain is not with go daddy, will it be cancelled in 30 days? Or does it mean you can have any product in your account to have this feature?

If so, what are the limits of how many domains i can create?

Former Employee

Hi @Vince1234!

DNS Only hosting is usually for when you have a hosting product here and you have connected the nameservers (NS) to GoDaddy, but the domain is registered elsewhere. When that happens, there is no cost since there is no fee for connecting your domain. The only cost would be for the hosting itself.


Costs for hosting depend on what type of hosting you have. Some allow only one domain per hosting product (like GoCentral or Economy cPanel), and you must purchase one per each domain you would like a site for. Others allow you to connect multiple domains on a single hosting product (like Deluxe cPanel), which means you can host multiple websites and domains on a single plan.


If there is nothing in your account besides DNS Only records for domains registered elsewhere, then those records will eventually disappear if you do not connect them to other products here, like hosting.

I hope this helps!

it's still not 100% clear.


I have domain A purchased and managed by Godaddy

Domain B, I don't have linked products to this domain with godaddy. So I can't use your DNS only hosting?



For Domain B, there wouldn't be a point in having a different company control the DNS if there aren't any associated products. The DNS Zone File tells the internet where to find everything connected to your domain, but if there is nothing connected to your domain, then it doesn't matter how your DNS Zone File is setup.


When the domain and hosting are at the same company, they normally connect automatically. But when you have the domain at one company, and the hosting (or content) at another company, then you normally use DNS Only hosting because you're essentially controlling the records remotely, like when you change the nameservers (NS - nameservers switch the company in charge of your records). If you don't connect your domain to anything, then there wouldn't be a need to manage the records anywhere but where the domain was purchased.

I understand how DNS zone files and NameServers and domains work.


For Domain B, it's registered with a registrar where they charge for DNS Premium zone to be activated and that's why I forwarded the Name Server to Godaddy DNS hosting for now and I also want to keep it all in one account to manage with all my other domains - this is why It's useful to have DNS only.


I just want to know if it will be cancelled in 30days in godaddy? 

My questions hasn't been answered and I still don't know where to check