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    Cant access my wordpress site anymore.

    Have problems accessing my worppress admin panel to design and connect my site.

    Please help.
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    Can you explain what is happening? Are you getting any error messages?   If it is not a username/password issue, generally this happens when you have a conflict of some sort.


    Give the steps in this tutorial a try to eliminate any possible theme or plugins conflicts:


    How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death


    HTH! 😉

    "You have to be odd to be number one." Dr. Seuss

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    Hi @Muse,


    That  WordPress White Screen of Death sounds terrifying........... gulp!

    ......... sorry......... carry on!! 



    LOL --  yeah, can't take credit for that -- that's just what it has been called.  It does catch the emotion one feels when that happens!


    I think it's a play off the old days of Microsoft's blue screen of death.  Just dated myself... Smiley Surprised

    "You have to be odd to be number one." Dr. Seuss

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    Smiley Happy @Muse,


    This is what we geeks see at the end? Smiley Sad


    Oh please......... anything but either Wordpress or Microsoft........ please, at the very least be a penguin or little devil............

    If I see Microsoft, I know it's not St Peter who I'll be talking to. lol 🙂 

    Hope you are well away from all that terrible flooding in Texas @Muse.

    Heart goes out to those folk Heart