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Make work a bit easier: Inventory, Sku printing orders, Website clean up

I have a large scale website.  I have 5,000 different item listings on my website.

I have a few things to suggest that would make my life much easier.  Please tell me if these are available.  I was told by your CS that they were not.


1. Let us print our inventory totals.  It would be nice if the website let us print our year end inventory report.  Mainly the listed inventory sale price total.  I would like to have this when doing my inventory for tax purposes to see what is carrying over year after year.


2.  PLEASE let us have an option to print our shipping invoices by sku.  I have customers that buy 200 different items on one invoice.  I have my items set up with sku's by warehouse location.  HOWEVER the invoices print in the order that the customer puts the items in their basket.  This adds countless (horrible) hours of extra work for us to pull the orders.  (in the end I might have to change hosts to save the man hours to have this option).


3.  My website has cookies saved on it, not my computers, but on your server.  Every time I list a new item and go to create an Option, it populates with hundreds the exact phrase "please select type".  The next time I go to do it, it adds another one.


4.  Lastly I am very grateful that I was given more storage space for items for sale, however it would be nice to have the option to buy more.  Idk maybe a package where you buy 500 more spaces for listing.