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GoDaddy Blog Feature Suggestion

Hi, after a long time of using GoDaddy and their blog feature I am very impressed with it.


However one thing I wish was included as a feature within the blogging option is to embed within the blog posts; for Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud songs specifically. Although being able to embed other things within your blog would be great aswell.


Hopefully the right person can see this and possibly add or put the word in to add the feature. Anyone who is reading this have a great day 🙂

Community Manager

Hi @jaydenpriz. Thanks for posting your suggestion. This has been requested by other customers as well. As far as I know, we don't currently plan on adding this feature but I will follow up with our product team to see if that has changed. Thanks again!


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If it has been requested by other people and is a key feature for blogging why don't you guys plan on adding it? Thanks.