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Domain Broker - UX Suggestion

The accept offer panel does not specify the currency.


Situation.  I was approached by your Domain Broker services and following an email exchange a price was arranged in $US

The 'Accept Offer' link sends me to a panel which shows the correct amount - except it's not identified as USD. 

I'm Australian and the accept offer link takes me to  

So... I'm left sitting there wondering if the price is correct.  The currency exchange would make a big difference if it is not correct.


Annotation 2020-04-22 164927.png

So.. Interestingly I choose make counter off - and the counter offer panel specifies that the counter offer entered is USD.

So... how about being consistent with the UX and specify the currency of the offer to be accepted.


As Edward Tufte, godfather of UX says... "To clarify, add detail"  

So how about you improve this small but kinda important part of the detail - add the [removed] currency on the offer panel.


Super User II

I believe these prices listed are in USD, and it would have AU$ for prices in AUD.