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Windows Hosting Manager Not Opening



Very sadly to understand why windows hosting manager is not opening in my godaddy account. I am facing this issue last two months and still not resolved.
I try to explain all the issues to godaddy technical team unfortunately they did not resolved the issue.   

Finally, I do research regarding this and find it out why this happing, and I am very sad about how GoDaddy can manage users like me. 
Here is the issue and result
a. Open GoDaddy account using Google Chrome - Not Working 

b. Open GoDaddy account using Incognito Google Chrome - Not Working  

c. Open GoDaddy account using Mozilla Firefox - Not Working

d. Open GoDaddy account using Incognito  Google Chrome - Not Working


Finally for the research purpose (after a long long time I touch Microsoft edge)

e. Open GoDaddy account using Microsoft Edge - Not Opening 

f. Open GoDaddy account using Incognito Microsoft Edge - Not Opening 

Really frustrated but never give up then I came across Newton's photo on my laptop, Oh my Steve Jobs where you are..! 
I arrange a Mac Laptop and open the safari browser I try to open my GoDaddy account and try to check windows hosting manager, BINGO...! it is working. there you are...! 
I happily work with my hosting panel, but a friend called me "hey you idiot where is my mac" then only I realized this is not my PC.
Here is my point now tell GoDaddy peoples how you are going to resolve?