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Web Hosting with godaddy using wordpress blog under same domain as adobe muse site?

Hello, my website is primarily made with adobe muse and I am hosting with Godaddy but I also wanted to build the blog and portfolio with wordpress but i want them to be all under the same domain name (hosted by godaddy), is that possible and how can I do that ? I also wanted to know if i have to pay for wordpress hosting  (it looks to be the only way to use their plugins) to use on my blog and portfolio? links would help also, thank you 🙂  If I confused you, I'm sorry. please let me know.

Helper V



It's very much possible to have X number of websites under a single domain...

All you have to do is create subdomains for each website!, or create each website on a separate directory...

For Example:-

----->For blog, or

----->For portfolio, or

----->And, so on...


Hope this helps


Thank you




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support

Thank you so much 🙂