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Very Bad Customer Support Team

Whenever call connects, Every time I try to tell the issue every Customer Executive is disconnecting the phone call why-why why...

Getting Started

HI GoDaddy Team,


I want to make sure you know your supervisor Derrick is both rude and seemingly doesn't care about your clients. 


We are requesting an escalation to by Lanie (Manager) and Will (Operations Manager) to discuss how we were treated, as well as why I shouldn't move ALL of my services and accounts off of GoDaddy and directly into Microsoft. We currently have over 29 emails, and multiple domains equalling thousands per year of services. We expect for that payment we should not need to have 2.5 hour long calls, as well as be able to escalate a call to a manager when the supervisors are rude, disrespectful and unhelpful. 


P.S. You should train your employees on how to use Office 365 if you are going to sell it. I should not know more about the system than your support. 


- An Unhappy Customer