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Transfered domain into Addon domain with deluxe hosting, but addon domain cannot be accessed


I was paying for 2 domains on 2 hosting accounts, but moved to 1 Deluxe hosting account and moved one of my sites to become an Addon domain, within the single account. 


The primary domain in the original hosting account is 

The Addon domain/subdomain is 


I followed the instructions on how to create the Addon domain within the deluxe account, but after the original domain expired, the moved site cannot be accessed. 

Currently when I try to access I get 'This Web page is parked FREE, 
courtesy of GoDaddy' message indicating I don't a website at this address, despite having all the correct files in what i think is the correct directory. 


I assume that this is either an IP address or DNS problem, so the most recent thing I tried was adding to the Addon domain a DNS record of 'Type A, Name @, Value, TTL 600 seconds'


Do I need to change the nameservers to be the same for both primary and Addon domain?

Currently they are different.


Note: Both sites I manage through Wordpress if that makes a difference.


Thank you in advance