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Slow load times after idle

After my web sites have not been accessed for 15 minutes or so, their initial load times are around 10-15 seconds, which means that potential customers give up and go elsewhere.  Once loaded initially, they are lickety-split fast (as GoDaddy goes) and responsive.


It appears that GoDaddy now turns off the hard drives on their shared servers to save power when they are not in use.  Is there any way to prevent this (other than having a background process that pings the server every 5 minutes - I'd hate to have to do this)?  


Some background:


  • I have roughly 20 GoDaddy hosted web sites (Wordpress, hand-coded HTML, Drupal, etc.) and have hosted with GoDaddy for more than 20 years. (I know what I'm doing.)
  • I have both the original Deluxe Hosting and Deluxe Hosting with cPanel. The problem only shows up on the newer Deluxe Hosting with cPanel. The older Deluxe Hosting is quick on the first load.
  • I have created a three-line "Hello World" HTML file which exhibits the same problem (10-15 second load times), so the issue is not related to Wordpress or any other CMS.
  • I've also moved websites between the two servers and a given website shows the issue only on the newer cPanel server.
  • So far GoDaddy support has refused to admit there is a problem.  Their own web page speed tools show the site is running quickly. Clearly these tools ignore the startup time when the server is idle.

I don't find it acceptable to have a web-hosting platform that takes 10-15 seconds to load any page the first time a customer visits.  If I'm told this is just the way it is, I'm afraid I'll have to find a new web hosting platform in order to maintain my business.