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Site Load Time Increased

My current plan is Deluxe Web Hosting Linus. I have tested my websites on google page speed and found that my websites are very slow.


I am using WordPress CMS. Can you please suggest me how can I increase speed of my websites ?

Helper VI

Hello @malikmati

I have for you a few suggestions:

- install and use this cache plugin

- if you don't have an image optimizer plugin, I suggest you use this**bleep**/  - As you can see, the forum transforms wp-smus...hit (without ... ) in to wp-smu**bleep**  - I hope you understand how you have to type that link

- If you have a "Share" module or plugin, try to limit the share option to 4-6 apps (especially remove Pinterest)

- If you are using the jetpack plugin, enable Photon


Also, you can test your site to see what further improvements you can do, by using this tool


Good luck.


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For others having these problems, also see:


I hope that helps,

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