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Refining navigation to a point in a page

I am new to Web Hosting. I want to be able to have someone click on a link on one page and land on a section on a different page, but I cannot figure out how to point to anything more specific than a page. Is there a way to insert tags or bookmarks or something to the different sections of that page and then link to the tag/bookmark?

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Re: Refining navigation to a point in a page

Yes, if you add an id to the section it can be linked directly.


<h2 id="supercoolsection">Super cool section</h2>

It can be linked on the same page.

<a href="#supercoolsection">Skip the boring stuff.</a>

From a different page

<a href="coolpage.html#supercoolsection">Skip the boring stuff.</a>

Or from a completely different site

<a href="">Skip the boring stuff.</a>