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Previously bought domain, need hosting now but can't use promo code?

 I bought a domain through GoDaddy a while back when I decided on the name.  Now that I'm ready to actually build a Wordpress website, I saw a great deal for $1/mo Wordpress basic hosting with a promo code displayed on the GoDaddy site itself.  Only problem is when I'm signed in, pick the basic plan, it doesn't auto apply the code or give a promo code box to type it in.  If I go to buy wp hosting when not signed in, I can enter the code and get the pricing.

Since this is my first hosting purchase I would assume I can use the code right?  Or is this GoDaddy's way to get more money out of first time customers who are dipping their toes in the water slowly rather than jumping in head first?

Thanks in advance for any guidance or help you can offer.  I tried their help menu but it appears support chat is unavailable right now.

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please don't post the same post twice under slightly different headings. It just hogs space for new posts which is unfair to others.

Thank you!

Getting Started

Sorry, I had originally posted my question days earlier but I guess in the wrong forum area, and never even got a reply, so thought maybe I had to post in a couple until I got the right one so it would at least be acknowledge.