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Need help navigating this foreign UI

Hello world, I'm trying to get a fresh install of wordpress on GoDaddy hosting with a domain registered with GoDaddy.


I'm having alot of trouble navigating this hosting account. I'd love a WHM manager or a link to access a cPanel, as this is a different UI to what I'm used to.That's an overview of my hosting account. The domain in question is registered with GoDaddy and the nameservers are pointing at the right palce

I clicked on 'hosted domains' and arrived at this screen.

I added the domain in the root '/' folder but it pointed towards the accounts primary domain, so I hit edit and created a new folder under /SHU which is now pending.

I navigated back to the account overview screen and hit 'install applications,' note this action isn't associated with any particular account. I'm troubled by the message 'not compatible.'


Please assist,


Update I've found my way to this screen, but I've always had the option of using the softalicious installer/similar at this point of the process. What's the next step? Thanks.

Now that you have the domain added to the hosting account you can proceed to get the wordpress site installed by going to the home section of your hosting account and selecting the wordpress icon on the right of the screen shot you displayed with the stats and usage on the left side of the screen

Mike L. | WebPro

@Amadeuslopezart The screen from my third image hasn't changed - it only says not compatible.