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I have hosting and a domain but 48 hours later and my domain is still "parked"

I purchased a domain about 2 weeks ago and just over 48 hours ago I purchased hosting for that domain. The domain is When I visit the domain, I get the standard, you have registered the domain... domain is parked. When I go to the I.P. address however I get an under development style message Furthermore, when I go to my godaddy account under the hosting section, it says I have economy linux hosting for but under my domains section it says that "Is just sitting there. Put it to work." Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? It's been over 48 hours so DNS propagation should be complete but even then I think there are bigger issues as shown when I look at my domains and hosting packages and there is inconsistency. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

Helper V

Please confirm you're using domain and hosting from Godaddy ?


If no then you must contact each one of them and discuss on DNS Settings. For help from my side let me know were is your domain and hosting. Maybe I can let you know as I've experience with this.

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Can you see all of your files via ftp?




Hi, I have created Alias for my domain and the root folder am using is the primary one, however its been week now and the alias domain does not work