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How can I use my dedicated IP to reach my website?

The reason is that before I switch my hosting provider to GoDaddy, I would like to check that the website is transfer properly. I have installed Magento to a sub domain on my VPS with the one click application, everything installed as it should, but when I tried using my IP o access the subdomain, I would get a 404 error.


The Magento site is installed into the directory name exactly as the subdomain, I don't know what to type in the URL field. I can get into the Public_Html by typing http:.//111.222.333.444/~cpuser, but how do I access my other website that's not part of the Public_Html directory?




Helper VI


Have you tried IP/~cpuser/subDir ?

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @

Thanks for the suggestion.

I have tried that and it doesn't work either, looking at the name of the directory that GoDaddy created when installing Magento. The directory named is exactly as the subdomain name, which has periods, like "". I am wondering if there's limitation to this?

If you have cPanel, are you able to add a subdomain and move your files in it or direct your subdomain to your magento files?

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @

I added the sub domain under cpanel, and install magento with the one click install from within cpanel. The files automatically choose to install under the sub domain directory, which the directory are named as the name of the sub domain.

(Example: sub domain name., the name of the directory (folder) where magento gets install to is also named