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Hosting is down, down and down 520,521,522 errors...



I've been using Godaddy since 2010. I had a few hosting plans and websites.

Now one of my hosting continously getting 520,521,522 errors since August 2020.
Sometimes it's get as serious, that I can't login to cPanel to! My website runs without any problems, it's not overloaded! Then when I can't login to the cPanel on the Godaddy website they keep sayin' that I did something wrong!


What the hell is happening right now with some Godaddy hostings? The funny thing is that every time I contact support they act like if they don't know anything about the problems.
Also they keep sayin' that my website has problems. My favourite when they do a DNS lookup and they wonder why my domain doesn't point to the IP of the Godaddy hosting. Then I kindly tell them, that I use Cloudflare and Cloudflare is like a proxy, so they have their own IPs which hide the origin IP...
They keep saying that my DNS config is wrong!!! WHAT? How the hell a support person (no, not one, since I talked least 4 in the past few weeks) can't realize that they are wrong?!

Last time they were unable to recover my hosting from backup. I did it several and several times without any problems. This time they made me completely reset my hosting and then upload a backup!!!


It isn't just you.  I have one business class hosting account that goes down several times a day for the last  month.  When it does, no cPanel, no FTP, and sites are down.  Finally, they have stopped telling me it's my resource limit, database, DNS, browser, etc., and have acknowledged that something is wrong.  MAYBE, they fixed it today.  Time will tell.  Keep calling.  Call when the sites are down.  Use an uptime monitor so you can tell them exactly when it is happening.  Look at your resource limit at that time to prove that it isn't a resource issue.   You have to get past the level one person. 

I have exactly the same issues with my GD hosting. (shared). This has only recently started to occur. Previously I would never see or never notice such errors. Not so anymore. I have been running a closed script that uploads a 20kb file and downloads the same files every 5 seconds. This should present no problems for a server (even an old one). I'm seeing script failures on a regular basis. See script below. GD there is a problem with your server. Uploading a 4mg file takes over 5mins and more often than not will fail. This is unacceptable. When the html fails to load you have a serious problem. Furthermore, files uploaded through Dreamweaver / filezilla and the cpanel file upload also fail on a regular basis.